All You Need Is Yoga

Finding your flow with music & yoga


All You Need Is Yoga - Finding your flow with music & yoga

In 2008, MacKenzie Pause created All You Need Is Love Yoga, an original yoga sequence influenced by the music of The Beatles. The class has since been taught all over the country, and in 2014, a book and album inspired by the class will be released. The book explores music's ability to revitalize and transform your yoga practice, and includes a step by step sequence often used in the original class. The album includes songs by The Beatles, recorded by various artists, with proceeds going to George Harrison's UNICEF fund

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Music has the ability to change our state of mind in an instant, and when we add it to our yoga practice, the result can be a fun and uplifting experience! After six years of teaching yoga sequences choreographed to The Beatles, I wanted to share it with practitioners everywhere. The book gives tips on how to incorporate all types of music into yoga and how to find your flow, as well as a step by step sequence to accompany songs on the "All You Need Is Yoga" album. 


Amazing musicians came together to create 19 songs for your yoga practice or for anytime! Proceeds from the album will go to George Harrison's UNICEF fund

Contributing Artists & Songs: 

Peter Bradley Adams - Let It Be

Neal Cleary & Dayva Savio - Across The Universe

Katie Costello - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Rose Cousins - Hey Jude

Matt Douglas - And I Love Her

Mark Erelli - Here Comes The Sun

Zachariah Hickman - Oh! Darling

Zack Jones - Revolution

Josh Kaufman & Annie Nero - Two Of Us

Tift Merritt - Something

Allie Moss - Yesterday

Seth Pause - Blackbird

Josh Ritter with Barnstar! - Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Oscar Albis Rodriguez & Liam Hurley - Tomorrow Never Knows

Bess Rogers - In My Life

Ed Romanoff - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Lelia Broussard, Katie Costello, Zach JonesChris Kuffner, Bess Rogers & Hannah Winkler with Jesse Neuman (trumpet) - All You Need Is Love

TBA - Don't Let Me Down


Produced, Engineered, Additional Arrangements & General Awesomeness by Oscar Albis Rodriguez